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Meet Our Doctors and Staff

Dr. Cara Olsen from Cara Chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington.

Dr Cara Olsen
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Olsen began her medical journey when she was seven years old in her chiropractor’s office.  She decided that day to become a chiropractor after her father carried her mother in the office, laid her on the treatment table, and watched her mother walk out smiling a few minutes later.  She wanted to help people just like that.  Dr. Olsen received her, Bachelor of Science degree in physical science, from UW – Whitewater Wisconsin. After graduating from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, she relocated to Vancouver, Washington to start her own practice.  Dr. Cara Olsen is practicing chiropractic medicine and getting lasting results with patients.  In addition to treating muscular/skeletal conditions, she is able to compliment patient’s health with nutritional supplements, diet modification, and problems related to posture, stress, and fatigue.  Dr. Olsen works with her patients to establish a treatment program individual for that patient.  It’s through this doctor-patient relationship that the patient’s health problems are diagnosed, treated, and resolved.

Dr Dan Vancouver Chiropractor

Dr. Daniel Michael

A chiropractic rockstar who loves helping all people with chiropractic adjustments and health advice.  When he isn’t working, he enjoys swimming competitively and coaching others, staying fit and healthy, making delicious food, and indulging his inner science nerd with the latest research.  He grew up in the Midwest where he graduated from Purdue University, where he was a successful Big 10 student athlete, and completed his doctoral training at Logan College of Chiropractic near St. Louis, Missouri where his subspecialties were Sports Medicine, Shoulder Dysfunction, and Nutrition.  He holds a certification as a Digestive Health Specialist in Enzyme Nutrition from the Food Enzyme Institute, he is certified in Class IV Laser therapy, is a registered USA Swimming Coach, and currently holds a US Masters National Record Holder in the 4 x 100 Freestyle relay.  Outside of the clinic he teaches fellow swimmers how to prevent injury, maximize their performance in and out of the pool, and improve their efficiency with his customized shoulder screening protocol specific to swimmers.  He is currently accepting corporate wellness program (CWP) consultations.

Elliot Quinn DC

Dr. Elliot Quinn

Dr. Elliot Quinn, learned about chiropractic through his own personal experiences as a young athlete. With a strong intuitive understanding of the body and a love of doing hands on work, he knew that he wanted to help people and impact their lives directly. When he suffered a severe back injury and fractured his spine playing soccer, he discovered chiropractic through a family member who had a positive experience. The effectiveness of the treatment stunned him and after a short amount of time he was not only feeling better but outperforming his previous abilities. He realized that the body had an unbelievable ability to heal and overcome stresses and that he wanted to be able to do this exact thing for others.

He grew up in Camas, WA and attended the University Of Western States in Portland, OR where he received his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and returned to Vancouver, WA to practice. By looking at the deeper underlying causes we are able to recognize and implement the most effective and efficient approach to provide each individual with their own personalized treatment. His philosophy is guided by the understanding of how important each aspect of body is and by treating and by managing the physical, mental and emotional stresses that are unique to each of us, the body is able to function optimally.

Dr. Michael Nguyen

Dr. Michael Nguyen was inspired to chose a career in Chiropractic after personally experiencing the benefit chiropractic care had for him. As a young adult, he was involved in a motor vehicle collision that resulted in debilitating low back pain, making simple daily tasks extremely difficult. With chiropractic treatments, he was able to enjoy and return to his daily activities; such as putting on his shoe, sitting through class lectures, playing sports. He identifies with the patient’s difficulties and has an art of communicating solutions to these challenges as he has been through them himself. He currently is a technique leader at Just for the Health of It, specializes in rehabilitation.

He returned last year surviving a near death experience almost losing his arm in a head on collision.  Determined he healed after extensive line of surgeries and just rehabilitated himself learning intensely about concussion and stabilizing weakness that perpetuates chronic joint problems.  He joined our team after starting his own practice and realized he wanted to be part of a team.  He has been practicing with us 3 years and has a very loyal and fulfilled practice of patients all over the southern Washington and Portland area.  It is not easy to find extensive rehab and super adjusting skills from this leader, who has been through a beyond complicated healing process. Dr. Michael is an Oregon native. Outside of the office, he spends his time weight training, playing basketball, exploring the northwest and fly fishing.

Dr. Chris Eley

Our newest associate, Dr. Chris Eley graduated from the University of Western States in Portland OR where he continues to tutor future doctors of chiropractic in adjusting labs and radiology courses. Weather rocking it in the clinic or dropping knowledge on campus Dr. Chris always finds time for a day outside, trips to the gym and new experiments in the kitchen. Ask him about eating healthy on a busy schedule through meal prep!

Marissa Team Massage Leader

Marissa Chacaj
Massage Therapist

I have been a massage therapist since 2010. I graduated from Everest College School of massage. I enjoy massage on all aspects from treatment to relaxation. My specialty is on fixing many patients with deep tissue massage. I love being part of the Just For The Health of It Team. I am dedicated to helping patients achieve optimum health and feel massage plays a great benefit in this

Julie Harmon Clinic COO

Julie Harmon

Julie Harmon is the Chief Operating Officer of Just for the Health of It, bringing more than 35 years of experience in healthcare and practice management. Her high energy leadership style, and passion for exceptional patient care, advance the culture of the clinic as it serves its patients around the world.

The Northwest native was first exposed to the healthcare industry at the age of sixteen when she worked as a Nursing Assistant at a Skilled Nursing Facility. She recalls being incredibility inspired by patients who were in need of quality care, and encouragement and how could she do the same thing on a larger scale. This inspiration shaped a successful career in the USAF as Medical Technician where she served all over the world. While serving in the Air Force, Julie excelled in emergency medicine and was quickly promoted to shift leader where she learned she had a natural talent for telling people what to do. And they would listen to her (no one says “no” to Julie) – primarily, as she learned from them later, because they knew her bite is actually worse than her bark. After leaving the USAF, she realized her passion was embedded in empowering patients to improve the quality of their own lives. She spent the next twenty years running multidisciplinary medical practices, while learning the complexities of healthcare economics across several specialties. Gradually she discovered she had a knack for cross-pollinating ideas and skills across the various people she worked with. By finding that in herself, she’s become adept at encouraging and recognizing it in others. “Pulling people out of their comfort zone, and watching them find and explore new talents in themselves is one of the greatest gifts of leadership,” she observed.

She joined Just for the Health of It in 2011 taking on the responsibility of the front office and working closely with the medical and administrative staff to improve office efficiency. As the practice grew, and with encouragement, she accepted the position of COO and has not looked back. To balance her life, Julie relaxes through her love of sailing, reading, and traveling the world.

“Our patients are looking for custom care that fits their lifestyle, fitness, and medical needs – and they want to be empowered to take control of their own health care. Our responsibility, and promise, is to be a resource for them during their wellness journey”