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We Love Chiropractic!

We Are Dedicated To You

With many satisfied patients, Olsen Chiropractic is the right choice for you!  Simply put, our care is the most complete and trusted.

Today, many people are frustrated and overwhelmed with all things related to their health care. Whether it being too costly, appointments waits are too long, treatment costs are too high, or procedures too expensive.

Here at Olsen Chiropractic, we hope to at least ease your frustration by researching your current insurance or give you insurance alternatives. Furthermore, we offer high quality treatments at low costs and we offer free classes on insurance, rehabilitation and home care.

What we offer is priceless:

  • We offer our analysis of review of systems so you know how to heal and the real cause to your symptoms.

  • We lower your stress by researching your plan information and providing all the alternatives.

  • We have walk-in and daily availability quick scheduling, a office full of other amazing providers ND’s, and LMP’s.

  • We give you the knowledge to prevent daily habits that build weaknesses in yourself that make you susceptible to injuries.

  • We give you the best most throughout care available in chiropractic.

  • We give you options outside of chiropractic if other measures would heal a problem faster than chiropractic can.

  • We offer answers to your questions about ergonomics and form.

  • We offer excellent customer service, a cutting edge facility and equipment.

  • We offer treatment plans and payment options that fit into all lifestyles and health goals.

  • We give our very best to you everyday as a team who works together to make Vancouver healthier!


On your first visit we will determine what your ailment is and gather all information, records and do all the testing we need to diagnose properly and make your plan to get better.  Our philosophy at the office is to continue life and all its activities but, to continue doing it better.  We will match your goals and get you doing the things you want to in life with less or no pain.  Life feels good lined up, not crooked.  Let’s get you lined up. Our chiropractors are trained to be specific in adjusting to get the sticky joints moving normally again; taking the work off the overloaded and stretched out sore joints which need to rest to allow healing to begin.

Traditional chiropractic is spine based and the majority of chiropractors keep treatments related to your spine.  At our office we specialize in the entire skeletal system. Our doctors are trained in cranial bones in your skull, extremities: arms, legs, hips, knees, shoulders, wrists, cranial sacral and Graston techniques. With the integration of aligning and balancing movement in your foundation, with joint adjustments, muscle work with fascia and soft tissue massage, and rehabilitation exercises with nutritional advice healing is done fast and the patient leaves educated on how to prevent and help themselves at home for a resolution of the patient’s pain and suffering.

Doctor of Chiropractic examine a spine model