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Aloha Patients!

What a dynamic time it is as a global community of humans… I have never seen so many people inspired to work on their health in the past. I strongly believe we are on the verge of everyone reprioritizing our health!

  • We are resting more.
  • We are reassessing if we are doing what we love in life.
  • We are having more time together with our families and re-bonding with them.
  • We are learning how detrimental our understanding of the immune system and micro organisms is. There are good, bad, and neutral organisms and we will never kill them all. We are learning how to get the good ones in our body and how to keep the bad out.
  • We are eating at home and taking in less preservatives, sugar, salt, and fat from restaurants
  • We are saving money not driving and getting pollution from exhaust.
  • Our yards look beautiful as we go outside to fix it up and work on the plants in our life.
  • Our exercise is now biking, home cardio, and online cost effective agility, yoga, and stretching.
  • As a doctor, I have observed many people giving more than their body can take by working too many long and hard hours, eating poorly, and not getting enough sleep. However, I don’t see this crisis as a bad time. I see it as an opportunity for us to get our priorities straight and reassess our health so that we can all have a more efficient and balanced life.

Covid-19 has our attention.

I was an assistant chemist who tested out of genetics and started working for the state of Wisconsin in the public water quality and ecology division. We tested wastewater before we delivered it back into the environment. With having MRSA (a staph infection) and a practice in Hawaii where infectious medicine is common, I’ve been able to co-treat with some of the best infectious medicine doctors. I’m confident we can explore the virome to learn the concepts of COVID-19!

Your microbiome has healthy viruses. COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to study and open our eyes to the relationship with our environment and these tiny creatures that we will and do live with. The natural systems in our body’s is a huge gift. Most people think we are weak, but our bodies are more resilient than we know. The exception are those who have dramatically hurt their bodies and immune systems by not sleeping, eating poorly, being stressed, and provoking genetic disorders. They are at risk for ALL infections, not just Covid-19.

So I have pulled my favorite info on how to avoid giving yourself an autoimmune condition by a poor lifestyle that can epigenetically turn on bad DNA from your family or make you susceptible to an infection with questionable organisms in which their waste products (exotoxins) cause an autoimmunity.

One thing we need to be on the same page about is that there are beneficial, neutral, and harmful viruses. Most of us have not had a stool test. These tests can give you a picture of your Virome and Microbiome–which are all the organisms in your system such as bacteria, protozoa, amoeba, parasites, fungal, candida, etc.

These groups being in harmony is the difference between being weak or strong in your auto immunity. Research on the thymus gland is rare. The thymus gland controls your immune system which is present and done by 25 years old and can calcify by 50 years old. So after that, we are dependent on what we have. So many of these articles apply to antiaging! Understanding these processes is what will give us an advantage for survival.

I love all my patients, I think we have all learned from this pandemic that we need less BIASED information, less assumable improper statistics, less he said she said arguing, and less people spreading info that they aren’t qualified in interpreting. Together as a community we can put our minds together and make choices that paint a healthier future.

I will have so much info to give you so you may have the opportunity to explore all the awesomeness we do know for sure about our bodies immune systems and viruses. Please email me questions and look for our classes as we could all learn more about the virome as these organisms all live with us.

Dr. Haley and myself conduct coordination of care appointments to get you to the right doctor for nutrition, medical testing, and supplements so you can get the right tests for the right supplements and the right doctors to get the right answers for getting the best results.


Dr. Cara and Family!