Dr. Cara Olsen, DC

cara olsen

“The patient’s mind and body are responsible for healing, as the doctor I treat problems to reduce obstacles and educate the patient, so they can heal themselves.”


Dr. Cara Olsen is a specialist in bio mechanics and motion palpation. With her extensive knowledge of the skeletal system she is able to fine tune any joint in the human body. These abilities together allow her to go beyond the scope of what any current machine diagnostics can do and that is what separates Dr. Cara from most chiropractors. The combination of her experience and education allows her to pinpoint the problem and piece together an extremely accurate overall picture of your condition and what it takes to fix it. Therefore, she uses this as her primary approach because many patients come to her with advanced injuries that are too complicated for the level of technology we have today in diagnostics. She only uses machine diagnostics like xrays when medically necessary.

Her overall approach blends chiropractic care, nutritional advice, and life style modifications to eliminate the problems that are causing you pain. This may include rehabilitation exercises and stretches that you do at your discretion. Dr. Cara also specializes in cranial and advanced injuries as well as many different manipulative, soft tissues and physical therapies including Mckenzie, Fascia, Rolfing, Taping, and more! 

Educational Focus

Dr. Cara Olsen has over a decade of experience treating tens of thousands of patients, but she still regularly attends seminars, reads books, takes classes, networks with other specialists, and works on acquiring more specialties:

  • Advanced Cranial Adjusting – Roger Turner 2016
  • Motor Vehicle collision mechanics – Arthur Croft 2017
  • Concussion, Upper Extremity, and MRI training with Dr. Moureu and Beverly Harger – Western States 2017
  • Chiropractic Certified Sports Injury and Rehab Specialist – Texas Chiropractic College 2019
  • Neurophysiology of stress – Dr David Bleiler, DC, DAAPM 2018
  • Cold Laser Therapy and Usage – 2015 Erchonia PDX/Chicago
  • Gait Analysis – Foot Levelers 2015
  • Parker seminars on Hormones, Sports Medicine, and the Scoliosis institute with motion studies – 2013
  • Motor Vehicle injuries from Aaron Deshaw – PDX 2015
  • Pediatrics Care and Nutrition – PDX 2012
  • Motion Palpation Institute from Bret Winchester – PDX 2009
  • Anti-inflammatory healing diet / Neuro-regeneration supplementation practices – David Seeman 2008
  • Gonstead advanced x-ray review. 2008 Stephen Ray WSCC
  • Cranial Sacral Upleder series and applied Kinesiology Series.
  • Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation 2005 by Dr. Inman.
  • Frequency specific Microcurrent protocols by Dr. Minga Guerrerra

Other Specialties

Dr. Cara is not just a healer of the physical, but also the mental. As a Certified Demartini Facilitator of Human Behavior by the Demartini Institute since October, 2014–she actively lectures and gives talks at universities, businesses, and medical groups on topics of human behavior, health, personal development and success. She does both group and private counseling available at https://www.efficiencymastery.com/ and she is also the author of “Succeed as a Doctor” (available soon!).