I was born in Argentina, and raised in Brazil. My chiropractic journey has been a colorful tapestry that has lead me to many beautiful places. It began in 2011 when me, my wife, and oldest child were still residing on the East Coast. At the time, I was still working as an Architect–my chosen vocation of fifteen years prior. After injuring myself, I found it very difficult to keep functioning well at it. I searched high and low for an answer and stumbled upon chiropractic care! Upon receiving treatment, I fell in love with it immediately. I discussed with my wife who supported me wholeheartedly and began to pursue my new career path. My passion for understanding the philosophy, science and art behind chiropractic care grew daily as I began my education at LIFE University in Marietta, GA- where I graduated with honors.

Instead of being an expert in the workings of a building’s structure, I was now becoming well versed in the vast complexities of the human body’s structure. Through my education, I began to understand how the body’s whole health is directly affected by its relationship with its skeletal structure and nervous system. The more I learned, the more he saw how chiropractic care directly affected the sustainability of an individual’s health care. Since 2011, my family and I have embraced the chiropractic world as a lifestyle, and a positive way to impact other people’s lives. I specialize in scoliosis out of my deep values of wanting to help my family who suffers from this.

I ended up in the Pacific Northwest where I now work at Just For The Health Of It. I love this area because it’s close to family, and it has so much nature to explore (two things that my family highly values). I also love finding and mingling with the diverse communities intrinsic to the northwest culture. I speak both Spanish and Portuguese, and greatly enjoy communicating to others in the language in which they feel the most comfortable.

While planting deep roots in my newfound home, I’m looking forward to a future where I can help others with their own journey to a naturally healthy future. My hope in my personal and professional life is to uplift the quality of life for those who are in my care–giving, loving, doing, and serving all from a sense of abundance.