Full Body Chiropractic Adjustments

At Just For The Health Of It we always check all 12 major areas of your body. Our 12 point checkup ensures all your joints are working properly, so you can get the most out of your day! With Full Body Chiropractic Adjustments you can be sure to receive CUSTOM care for (but not limited to):

  • Brain Balance (all neuro related issues)
  • Neck Stability (chronic muscle tensions) 
  • Multi Level Rib and Mid Back Restrictions (majority)
  • Treatment for Lumbar Over Rotation Syndrome aka low back pain (majority)
  • Pelvic and Sacral Poker Pain (causes pulled hamstrings and knees)
  • Knee Stability
  • Rolled Ankles
  • Arches (proper walking & hip mechanics)
  • Shoulders / Rotator Cuff Strength
  • Elbow Tendonitis (bicep neck tensions)
  • Wrists
  • Improper Breathing (Diaphragm  / Weak Abs and Fatigue)

Not seeing results? Stop following the crowd!

Traditional healthcare is slow, expensive, and ineffective. You go to your primary, they don’t know what’s wrong, refer you to a specialist, they don’t know what’s wrong, you spend a bunch of money going around seeing different specialists and if you’re lucky one of them finds a clue.

Start with a team of specialists instead

If you are like most people you have already been tossed around in the medical system wasting too much time and money. You’re upset because you only have one person on your team. Stop leaving your health up to this outdated system and seek full body chiropractic care and treatment.

Don't believe in Chiropractic?

Neither do we, not what it’s become. True chiropractic founded by BJ Palmer roots in full body wellness care (a combination of naturopathic, osteopathic and functional medicine with full body chiropractic adjustments). We follow that, not the 3 cracks you get at the majority of chiropractic clinics. That is why we don’t really consider ourselves Chiropractors. We are human body specialists who use a variety of “tools” and “techniques” to tackle whatever health problem you have, full body chiropractic is just one of those tools.

We take care of it all.

Stop wondering who to see and for what anymore, we are a true Integrated Solution. The body is connected. Treating one part of the body without considering others is a recipe for failure. We focus on diagnosing the core problem so you can be healed with thorough treatment.
Our mission is to help over 1 billion people. Most of our patients who have fully recovered always come back for maintenance because they just feel so much better that way.
So give us a call, our team of specialists are well equipped to figure out what’s going on with you and help you get better. And for those we can’t help, we know who can.

What our patients say about us:

Why Dr. Cara Olsen at Just For The Health Of It?

Dr. Cara Olsen (Founder / Lead Chiropractor)

Dr. Cara Olsen (Founder / Lead Chiropractor)


Dr. Cara Olsen is a specialist in biomechanics and motion palpation diagnosis. With over 20 years of practice and extensive studies she has been able to stand on the shoulder of giants. She is extremely grateful to have been able to observe and work with the most successful medical and chiropractic offices around the world. She believes in utilizing other medical providers to provide an efficient, permanent, and cost-effective integrative medical solution to your injury so it does not reoccur or result in semi-permanent damage. With extensive knowledge of the skeletal system, she is able to fine-tune any joint in the human body. These abilities together allow her to go beyond the scope of stand-alone machine diagnostics. The unique combination of her experience and education is the what allows her to pinpoint your problem and piece together an extremely accurate overall picture of your condition and what it takes to fix it. She will also utilize regenerative medicine if you are injured enough so she can rehab the body’s system back to its original state of balance.
The Dr. Cara Olsen DC Technique is a custom integration of all of the most effective techniques she’s learned from successful medical providers around the world. These techniques are uniquely applied to each patient based on an accurate diagnosis which can only be made at end range movement patterns within the joint capsule. Each treatment begins with a diagnosis and a detailed educational connection with the patient so they know what is wrong as well. She then proceeds by removing the worst restrictions in the body to restore proper movement. She then works on the unstable, overused, and injured joints by stabilizing the muscles which are guarding the joint. Most clinics will stretch, scrape, and adjust the injured area of complaint. This is short term distraction; symptom therapy, that will not be performed at this office because it is not a long term solution. Dr. Cara blends chiropractic care, functional and regenerative medicine with nutrition and lifestyle modifications to eliminate the problems that are causing you pain. This may include rehabilitation exercises and stretches that you do at your discretion. Dr. Cara also specializes in cranial and advanced injuries as well as many different manipulative, soft tissues and physical therapies including Mckenzie, Fascia, Rolfing, Taping, and more!
Dr. Cara Olsen has over a decade of experience treating tens of thousands of patients, but she still regularly attends seminars, reads books, takes classes, networks with other specialists, and works on acquiring more specialties:


  • Advanced Cranial Adjusting – Roger Turner 2016
  • Motor Vehicle collision mechanics – Arthur Croft 2017
  • Concussion, Upper Extremity, and MRI training with Dr. Moureu and
  • Beverly Harger – Western States 2017
  • Chiropractic Certified Sports Injury and Rehab Specialist – Texas
  • Chiropractic College 2019
  • Neurophysiology of stress – Dr. David Bleiler, DC, DAAPM 2018
  • Cold Laser Therapy and Usage – 2015 Erchonia PDX/Chicago
  • Gait Analysis – Foot Levelers 2015
  • Parker seminars on Hormones, Sports Medicine, and the Scoliosis institute with motion studies – 2013
  • Motor Vehicle injuries from Aaron Deshaw – PDX 2015
  • Pediatrics Care and Nutrition – PDX 2012
  • Motion Palpation Institute from Bret Winchester – PDX 2009
  • Anti-inflammatory healing diet / Neuro-regeneration supplementation practices – David Seeman 2008
  • Gonstead advanced x-ray review. 2008 Stephen Ray WSCC
  • Cranial Sacral Upleder series and applied Kinesiology Series.
  • Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation 2005 by Dr. Inman.
  • Frequency specific Microcurrent protocols by Dr. Minga Guerrerra
  • CCSMS Diagnosis of Sports Injuries – Texas Chiropractic College
Dr. Cara is not just a healer of the physical but also the mental. As a Certified Demartini Facilitator of Human Behavior by the Demartini Institute since October 2014–she actively lectures and gives talks at universities, businesses, and medical groups on topics of human behavior, health, personal development and success. She does both group and private counseling available at Efficiency Mastery and is also the author of “Succeed as a Doctor”.

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What would you be worth?