chiropractor adjust kid

It really isn’t safe not to get chiropractic. A good experienced family and pediatric specialized chiropractor is a must and will make sure they are safer not just this year in school, but safer their whole life by not having injuries due to them keeping their alignment the first 20 years of their life. If you see an unskilled chiropractor or try to adjust your kids yourself, that is not safe.

Like most of chiropractic, the saftey is not determined by whether we are treating a kid or an adult, but whether or not the practitioner knows what she is doing. I often say chiropractic is like a sport more than a doctor. It not only takes knowledge of human anatomy amongst other complicated medical literature, but unlike medical doctors and perhaps more like a suregon or a dentist, there is a big kinesthetic component to how skilled they are with their hands! Most patients won’t know the difference, until they hurt and wonder (is it normal for my adjustment to hurt?). The answer by the way is, no, it is not normal. You’re adjustment should never “hurt”, though it could be sore and a good practitioner will warn you before hand because they know.

Chiropractic Pediatrics often require a bit more knowledge of how the body differs, but the core principles of treatment stay the same. Its often easier to treat kids because they don’t have as many problems as adults yet. It will also help them grow stronger and with a solid non crooked foundation that will keep them healthy long into their adult years. 

If you are interested in getting your kid treated, give us a call or schedule now! We regularly treat kids and babies! (And honestly, the kids seem to love the feeling of getting cracked).