The Chiropractic adjustment is a technique used to move the bones of the spine and skull back towards their proper alignment.

In the spine, the bones are held together with muscles, ligaments and discs. This creates pressure between the vertebrae that can be released when the spine is moved. The popping sound that is heard when an adjustment is made, is the release of gas from between the vertebrae. Place your hands together and press out all the air between them, then pull them apart quickly. This makes a popping sound just like adjusting the vertebrae. The noise is not painful, but maybe a surprise the first time you experience it. This is why it is explained ahead of time. No surprises.

To get the best results with your adjustments, it is best to relax, let the muscles go. If the muscles are held tight during the adjustment, it can hinder the adjustment and cause it to be tender.


The adjustment moves the bones in the skull and spine back towards their proper place, taking the pressure off the brain and spinal nerves. This usually results in an immediate relief of symptoms. Occasionally, there may be some thing’s turn on and sometimes you may experience a little uncomfortable feeling before it gets better. In the beginning of your care, when the vertebrae are right on the nerve, the adjustment can irritate the nerve as it is being corrected. This can cause old symptoms to return, but they do not last long. For some, it is necessary to go through a temporary period of inconvenience in order to get to the next stage where the pressure comes off the nerve enough for the symptoms to start reversing.


The function of the adjustment is to take the pressure off the brain and spinal nerves in order to restore proper function. This takes time and repetition. In some cases toxins and emotions can be released as part of the healing process. These are normal effects of the adjustments. If something happens that you are not sure of and you are concerned about, please call us. Do not discontinue your care; this is part of the process. It is just the start of getting better.