I have been in practice for 14 years and started 16 years ago with my journey in pediatrics. I was pregnant while getting my doctorate in chiropractic and I treated many kids even before I graduated from our outpatient clinic on campus. My practice expanded to many specialties (cranial sacral, neurological primitive, epigenetic glitches, and mature reflexes) to ensure kids have the chance to develop with both their right and left brains working together instead of being dependent around a dominant side. This is when my practice exploded with well adjusted kids who are now going to college.

Why do a newborn check up?

MD’s require many checkpoint visits with your newborn just to make sure they are ok, so why not care about their neurological system? We have grown up so much more as a profession and as a human race we understand that we have an amazing system that needs routine maintenance like our cars, homes and other things in life we care about.

Birth trauma is obvious and any birth lasting more than 10 hours has a biomechanical risk that puts stress on the mother and baby. The chances of the body getting really damaged goes up which is why the mother and child are severely monitored and sometimes rushed into C-Section to avoid the detrimental complications of birth. We see many hypermobility’s from birth trauma.

“2/10 babies have birth trauma and 10/10 mothers experience birthing trauma that can be avoided with routine chiropractic starting with the mother being adjusted before giving birth.”

Pediatrics is awesome. We’ve been able to do amazing stuff like help kids with latching issues with breastfeeding by mobilizing the jaw and setting & massaging cranial reflex points. We love being able to give kids the chance to grow up right. Most kids unfortunately do not get adjusted and grow into permanent functional life curves with poor posture creating expensive consequences that set them up for more diseases in life. We are so behind on this knowledge as a community that it is quite disappointing. Many adults come to us and think so many things are “normal” not knowing that it was a result of how they physically grew up as a kid.

If you are ever so skeptical about the truth of a healthy baby don’t hesitate to ask! So many of our “conditions” could have been prevented.