If you want to improve the quality of your life fluoride must not be a part of it.

Fluoride attacks the collagen fibers of the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones. The collagen is broken down by fluoride and the protein fibers of the muscles and ligaments, the tendons become less elastic. This gives the characteristic “stiffness” feeling.

The collagen matrix in the bones and teeth breakdown and become weak, leading to osteoporosis, arthritis, hip fractures, brittle bones and teeth. According to recent research this also leads to bone cancer (osteosarcoma). The above factors accelerate the aging process, producing signs of aging such as: people being hunched over, hobbling around on canes and crutches, unable to perform manual labour and appearing much older than they are. 

Fluoride destroys the collagen makeup of ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, and teeth, which manifests itself as: chronic pain, muscle stiffness, loss of strength, arthritis, and osteoporosis. These symptoms increase the susceptibility to fatigue. 

Fluoride also adversely affects the immune system causing autoimmune responses to the body’s own proteins, producing allergic type reactions and greatly reducing the body’s ability to fight off disease and infection. 


Yiamouyiannis, J., Fluoride the Aging Factor, How to Recognize and avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride. Ohio: Health Action Press, 1993. ISBN 0-913571-03-2

Fluoridation is a Threat to Our Health

Fluoride is the biggest health fraud ever. The chemical used most frequently for fluoridation is hydrofluosilicic acid. This is a highly corrosive and toxic waste byproduct, derived from the smokestacks of phosphate fertilizer and aluminum plants. If these toxic byproducts were not dumped into our water supply they would have to be disposed of hazardous toxic waste. This would translate into huge disposal fees because the more toxic the substance the higher the disposal costs. 

The industries with fluoride disposal problems have funded and controlled the bulk of research of fluoride toxicity. This is like the tobacco industry doing research on the harmful effects of tobacco. You can be assured they would not bite the hand that feeds them. 

Fluoride is linked to hip fractures, ADD, diminished I.Q., Alzheimer’s Disease, birth defects, skeletal fluorosis (osteoporosis), dental fluorosis, bone cancer and other rare cancer forms, lowered immune response, hyperactive disorders, and accelerated aging. The fluoridated water system also leaches lead out of our pipes and contributes to lead poisoning. 

Fluoride has no nutritional value. It is a nonessential nutrient, and it is not safe. Fluoridation is different than chlorination. Chlorine is added to the water to destroy germs that cause disease. Chlorine evaporates when water is left standing in an open jug or it is heated. Fluoride does not evaporate. It is not filtered out by most water filters, and when boiled its concentrations increase. 

Fluoride is a Deadly Poison

Fluoride has been rated as more toxic than lead and equal to arsenic in toxicity. The fatal dose for the average person is 1/10 of an ounce. One dose of fluoridated water does not cause health problems; just as one cigarette doesn’t cause a noticeable difference right away. The hazardous health effects of fluoride occur as it accumulates in the body and increasingly builds up over time. Our body stores 50% of the fluoride we ingest. It fuses to the collagen. The ligaments, tendons, muscles bones, and teeth are the areas where fluorosis appears first. Evidence shows that the population is ingesting much more fluoride than the “safe levels” recommended by the Department of Health. 

Tooth decay is still a major problem in our country, 98% of us still get cavities. Research shows that cavity rates in fluoridated cities are no different than unfluoridated cities. 


There are a large percentage of children in fluoridated areas that develop white spotting, and eventually brown spotting on their teeth. These are the first signs of fluoride poisoning. The teeth become discoloured, pitted, brittle, and fail to hold fillings tightly. This damage is of a permanent nature, and is very costly to repair. Studies showed that fluoridated areas have higher rates of birth defects, Down’s Syndrome, higher cancer death rates, and a higher incidence of hip fractures. Fluoride also seriously weakens the immune system making people more susceptible to disease. 

Certain groups of people are more susceptible to the harmful effects of fluoridation. These would include the elderly, diabetics, arthritics, those with Alzheimer’s, kidney and thyroid conditions, asthmatics, ulcer patients, cancer patients, people suffering from malnutrition and FM/CFS patients.

Wasting Money

Fluoridation is a waste of money. Less than 1% of average cities’ fluoridated water is used for drinking and cooking. Children under the age of ten, for whom fluoride is supposedly intended, consume less than .01% of this total volume. 

This means 99% of the fluoridated water is not used for human consumption. In the United States this is a waste of over 600 million dollars yearly in government funds at the probable cause of some 20,000 deaths. 

Is There a Safe Dose for Fluoride?

The authorities tell us that 1-PPM fluoride content in our water is a safe level. The problem is that the level of fluoride is compounded significantly by other factors; such as fluoridated toothpaste, fluoridated mouthwash, and foods that are cooked in fluoridated water have their concentrations of fluoride increased by many fold. Also in fluoridated areas other beverages such as: juice, pop, tea, coffee, beer, and even wine contain concentrated dosages of fluoride. Drugs and tobacco also contribute to increased fluoride levels. Another variable that has not been taken into consideration is that not everyone drinks the same volume of water, consequently ingesting much more fluoride than is recommended or safe. This accumulation of fluoride from all sources can increase fluoride consumption levels up to 6.6 milligrams a day even in areas with 1-PPM fluoride concentration. Most people are already receiving more fluoride than the public health guidelines permit. This is a potentially toxic level with increasingly hazardous health consequences. 

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend controlled dosage schedules. According to their recommendations, “infants under the age of six months are not to receive any fluoride.” According to Dr. H. Limeback, a leading Canadian fluoride authority, consultant to Canadian Dental Association, and professor at the University of Toronto: “children under three should never use fluoridated toothpaste, or drink fluoridated water”. How can this possibly be achieved with the current level of contamination in our foods and water? The only safe dose is no fluoride added to anything. 

Symptoms of Fluoride Poisoning

Symptoms of fluoride poisoning are very common and are often confused with other conditions.

The common symptoms are

Headaches urinary tract irritation

Excessive thirst skin eruptions 

Muscular weakness mouth sores

Involuntary muscle spasm visual disturbances

Extreme tiredness arthritis

Gastric distress atopic dermatitis 

Colitis accelerated aging

Low back and joint pain/stiffness 

If the fluoride in our water causes these symptoms and if they’re not too advanced then the symptoms can be reversed by eliminating the fluoride.

Studies that have been used to promote fluoridation such as those of McKay and Company, 1945, state: “there is less tooth decay in children who drink fluoridated water”. Independent studies have very different results. Many studies show increased cavities in some children, and the rate of decay remains virtually unchanged. 

Dental Bias 

Historically, the medical/dental professions have always opposed new technologies that would threaten them economically. It was surprising to hear that the dental associations were all promoting fluoridation, when theoretically adding fluoride to water and toothpaste would reduce cavities. This would of course cut into their revenues. The fact is that overall dental costs have not decreased in fluoridated areas, and the number of dentists has not decreased in these areas either.

Given the medical/dental industry’s history of opposition to competition, and the fact that their statistics are unchanged, one would assume that they were confident in the outcome from the beginning. The dental associations receive tremendous subsidies from the fluoride manufacturers for their endorsements. The dentists can charge at both ends. Patient’s pay extra for fluoride treatments and then they pay to correct the damage the fluoride creates. The Journal of the American Dental Association states: “Dentists make 17% more profit in fluoridated areas as opposed to non fluoridated areas. 

The California Department of Health Services states that: “Dental costs are higher in fluoridated communities”. No wonder they have proponents for the use of fluoride in our drinking water. It is emphasized that we are now spending more on treating fluorosis than we would spend on treating cavities if our water was not fluoridated. 

Effectiveness Questioned

The effectiveness of fluoride is being questioned intensely on an international level. Fluoridation has been rejected or abandoned by 98% of European countries. Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are also investigating the usefulness of fluoride vs. its hazardous effects. Because of its well-known toxicity, the vast majority of countries with advanced standards of public health have rejected fluoridation and in most cases it is now prohibited.  

 The Swiss Government consulted the Nobel Medical Institute for its advice on fluoride. The Institute recommended against fluoridation because of the aforementioned toxicity. The French Government asked the Pasteur Institute for similar advice; they also strongly recommend against fluoridation. The only advanced nations that still permit fluoridation are: the U.S., Great Britain, and Canada. The reason for this seems to be the extensive PR programme fronted by the dental associations to get fluoridation adopted. 


The opposition to fluoride has as its main concern, the whole body toxicity, and not just the dental effects. It is suspicious that the countries that support fluoridation do not use biochemists, physiologists, pharmacologists, and enzymologists as their consultants but only listen to the dentists. It is obvious that the dentists are not looking at the whole picture of toxicity, but are only concerned with their own welfare. Mass fluoridation is objectionable as a human rights issue as well. It deprives us from our individual rights of freedom of choice in the matter of personal health care. Fluoride in our water is an inescapable, prophylactic treatment, with known toxic effects. Fluoride supposedly treats a noncontagious condition, regardless of our desire to be treated.

Our city water suppliers have the responsibility to make the water we drink as safe as possible, not to make it a vehicle for a contrived political industrial driven agenda that benefits only a few individuals. They should not be allowed to use any procedure that would harm even 1% of the population. Yet studies show that fluoridation adversely affects as much as 60% of a given population with fluorosis. Not fluoridating the water would not negate anyone’s free choice to use fluoride on a personal basis, but would respect the rights of the people who do not want to consume fluoride. We would remain free to choose our food, our type of health care, and whether or not we want to take medications. 

Fluoride is a Poison

Fluoride is one of the most reactive of the elements. It has a poisonous enzymatic action of the collagen of our bodies, even at the seemingly low-level of 1-PPM in our water supply. Fluoride  is in the same class of poisons as cyanide, oxalate, or an azide, which means it is capable of a very wide variety of harmful effects, even at lower doses. The therapeutic index (margin of safety) required for the implementation of new drugs, even for life threatening diseases, is far exceeded in the case of fluoridation. Fluoride’s therapeutic index is totally unacceptable in 60% of our cities that have allowed it to be put into their public water supplies. 

A Houston court ruled that: “the artificial fluoridation of public water supplies may cause or contribute to the cause of, cancer, genetic damage, intolerance reactions, and chronic toxicity, including dental mottling, in man. Also that the said artificial fluoridation may aggravate malnutrition and existing illnesses in man. The value of said artificial fluoridation is in doubt as to the reduction of tooth decay in man.”

The Truth About Mandatory Fluoridation

On the surface of the pro fluoridation argument seems logical but with a little study it is shown to contain a heavy mix of political and economic pressures, which would seriously distort the validity of its claims. For example: In 1991 EPA and the Surgeon General were accused of falsifying data on fluoride. The National Federation of Federal Employees charged the EPA and the Surgeon General’s office of falsifying information relating the risk of fluoride and unequivocally renounced the use of fluoride as a safe practice. 

Consider the following facts:

  • No study in the past three decades has demonstrated any significant dental benefit from fluoridation. 
  • The older studies, upon which are all the fluoride propaganda is based, are so seriously flawed that most independent researchers ignore them. In fact, several recent studies show that fluoride is directly related to higher cavity rates.
  • The observed decline in children’s cavity rates is unrelated to their fluoridation status. The same rates are noted in nonfluoridated areas. 

This decline is due to improve dental hygiene in both areas.

  • There are no studies showing cost savings from fluoridation. In actual fact, profits have increased for the dentists!
  • The public health services confirm that dental fluorosis occurs in 30% to 60% of children in fluoridated areas. A special note, fluorosis is also noted in 10% of those in nonfluoridated areas. This is due to the fluoride content in our food, and the use of fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash. In other words the nonfluoridated areas get three times the recommended “optimum” daily dosage of fluoride from other sources. 
  • The New Jersey Public Health Department has confirmed that bone cancer (osteosarcoma) is directly correlated with fluoride intake, especially among young males. 
  • University of Bordeaux found an 86% increase in hip fracture risks amongst individuals 65 years of age and older in communities using fluoridation. 
  • The National Academy of Science no longer regards fluoride as an essential nutrient. It is an extremely potent enzyme inhibitor with a toxic rating greater than lead and just a bit less than that of arsenic. 
  • The presence of fluoride enhances the bioavailability of aluminum causing more aluminum to cross the blood brain barrier and become deposited in the brain. The aluminum levels in the brains of the fluoride treated group was double that of the control groups. ( Brain Research Journal, Volume 784:1998). 
  • Scientists in China, 1996, published a study showing fluoride adversely affects children’s I.Q.
  • Recently declassified documents, obtained under the U.S. freedom  of information legislation, show that central nervous system effects caused by fluoride were known, but concealed by the U.S. government during the 1940s. 
  • United States EPA scientists, 1997, states: “Our members review of the body of evidence of the last 11 years, including animal and human epidemiologists studies, indicate a causal link between fluoride/fluoridation and cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment, and bony pathology”.
  • The National Federation of Federal Employees, states: “The health and welfare of the public is not served by the addition of the substance (fluoride) to the public water supply… for which there is virtually no evidence of significant benefits… and substantial evidence of adverse effects”.
  • The fact that fluoride is a “probable human carcinogen” is sufficient in and of itself to prohibit the addition of fluoride to the public water supply.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a directive that fluoridated toothpaste and other fluoride products must contain a warning, “if you accidentally swallow more than that used for brushing teeth, seek professional help or contact the poison control centre immediately”. The American Dental Association, who currently receives massive sums in endorsements for fluoride products, is currently down playing this warning.
  • The National Institute of Dental Research concludes, “the children who live in areas of the U.S. where the water supplies are fluoridated have tooth decay rates nearly identical with those who live in nonfluoridated areas”.
  • According to the American Dental Association, fluoride tablets have been an effective alternative to water fluoridation. They’ve been on the market for over 30 years. However, they are still classified by the FDA as an unapproved new drug… because the “manufacturers haven’t been able to provide any proof that they are safe or effective”.
  • Bone changes that were common in fluoridated areas were seen as “normal” by local physicians, but seen as “abnormal” by physicians from nonfluoridated areas. 
  • The more fluoride we use on a daily basis the faster we develop the aches and pains associated with aging. Over time these results can be crippling.
  • One 12 oz. soft drink, a glass of juice, or a drop of toothpaste will provide as much as .5mg of fluoride. The problem today is excess fluoride. There has never been a deficiency of fluoride, because it is not required for the growth of any living thing.
  • There is an emerging collection of research reports indicating that fluoride can lower children’s IQ’s, increase the rate of hip fracture, initiate and accelerate the development of cancer, and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • According to Dr. W. Marcus a senior scientist at EPA headquarters, fluoride is the only thing that is known to cause osteosarcoma “bone cancer”.


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The stance that  most health officials are taking is that until we get proof that fluoride is harmful, it will continue to be added to our water. This is contrary to the established protocol for the introduction of a new drug, where the drug companies must prove a drug is safe before it can be released on the public. The only way to get fluoride our of our water is to present the city councils with the information on the harmful effects of fluoridation. Bring it to a vote (once everyone has been given both sides of the information coin) and have the people decide. 


We have had fluoride in our water for nearly 35 years and I am concerned about the long-term effects it is having on my family and my patients. 

The late Gordon Sinclair, in his early opposition to fluoride, would refer to it as “rat poison”. Nothing has changed; the toxic effects of fluoride are widely researched and scientifically documented; yet it is still in our water. We must speak up and get things changed, our future health is at stake. 


  1. Nutritional Deficiencies 

Today our foods are grown in nutrient and mineral deficient soils, irrigated with chemically polluted water, grown in polluted areas, fortified with all kinds of chemicals, sprayed with pesticides and insecticide, picked before they are ripe, and irradiated before shipping.Then they are sprayed with more chemicals to preserve them, and packaged with even more chemicals. Many of these foods are also commercially processed which further depletes the nutrient value. “If it is not in the ground, it is not going to be in the food”. This subject requires a little study to become familiar with which foods to avoid, and which ones will promote a healthy, longer life. Do not leave the choice up to the food manufacturers; their motives are profits  not health. 



Everyone gets 70 years worth of enzymes. It’s similar to a bank account, and if you continually withdraw from your bank account of enzymes then you will eventually run out. Therefore, it is important to replenish your enzymes on a regular basis by either eating raw fruits and vegetables or using enzyme supplements. If you eat only cooked foods, then when you reach 70 years of age, you will run out of your enzyme supply and your health deteriorates very quickly. 


  1. Hormone Deficiencies

As we age, secretions of hormones by the various glands in the brain decrease naturally. The previous six factors will contribute to an advanced decrease in their secretions. These hormones control: the growth of new cells, the repair of damaged cells, the metabolization of sugar and proteins, the reproductive organs, and the immune system. A decrease in these hormones greatly accelerates the aging process.


How does pH Imbalance Accelerate Aging and FM/CFS?


One of the main causes of fatigue is increased acidity in the blood. 


The Acid Alkaline Balance. Overworking, overeating of acidic foods as meats, sugar and grains, constipation, diarrhea, kidney trouble, drinking carbonated beverages and liver trouble all lead to the acidity of the blood.


How Does Acidity Produce Fatigue?

Carbon dioxide is continually being formed in the body as a by-product of the metabolic processes. The carbon dioxide is transported to the lungs where it is expelled via the breathing process into the atmosphere (good air in, bad air out). However, this process takes several minutes, depending on how much carbon dioxide combines with water and forms carbonic acid; the more carbon dioxide combines with water and forms carbonic acid; the more carbon dioxide present the more carbonic acid that is produced. 

When this occurs in a person with alkaline blood an increased rate of respiration is stimulated to eliminate the excess carbon dioxide. When the blood becomes too acidic a reduced breathing rate is produced. The reduced breathing rate resulted in less oxygen being available at a cellular level for energy – resulting in fatigue. Therefore, when we say the first result of exercising is more energy – you can now understand why. 

The pH levels vary in different parts of the body: stomach juice 1.5, saliva 7.1, blood 7.4, and pancreatic juice 8.8. The pH of blood is 7.4, which makes it slightly alkaline. The level must be kept constant, even minor variations are extremely dangerous to one’s health. If the pH reaches 6.95 coma and death result because the heart relaxes and ceases to beat. If the pH reaches 7.7 convulsions occur and the heart muscles contract and cease to beat. 

Since it is so vital to maintain pH of the blood at 7.4, the body has a number of safety mechanisms to achieve this. The major mechanism to reduce acidity is to draw calcium and other alkaline minerals from the bones. Prolonged acidic states in the body can deplete the bones of their calcium and minerals stores, and lead to brittle bones and eventually osteoporosis. 

When our bodies move (exercise) they produce lactic acid and carbon dioxide. When carbon dioxide combines with water it produces carbonic acid. Phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid are also produced in the body from the oxidation of phosphorus and the sulfur in food. All of these combine to make the blood acidic. However, elements such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium act as buffers that reduce this acidity. Deep breathing for several  minutes increases the removal of carbon dioxide from the blood and helps reduce its acidity. 

It can be confusing when you first look at pH values of foods because some foods are very acidic in their natural state but change when digested. For example, limes have a pH of 1.9, but after it is digested it actually becomes an alkaline forming food. The reason for this is that the lime contains many elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium, which neutralize the body acids. This is the reason that fruits and most vegetables are considered alkaline-forming foods. 

Proteins and most grains combine with sulfur and phosphorus when metabolized producing acids that must be neutralized by other sources of calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium in the  body before they can be extruded by the kidneys. This is why they are generally considered acid-forming foods. 

The typical North American diet consists of large quantities of animal protein, sugar, processed foods, chemicals, caffeine, and a high saturated fat content, which are all highly acid forming and disrupt the normal pH levels.

To maintain a healthy pH level in the diet should consist of 35 to 40% acid forming foods and 60 to 65% alkaline forming foods. If your (urine or saliva) pH level is below 6.5 then it is advisable to do a diet consisting of 20% acid forming foods and 80% alkaline forming foods to raise the pH back to normal level of 7.0 to 7.5.


  1. How Does Blood Type Affect Aging and FM/CFS?


Eating According to Your Blood Type

The D’Adamo’s have done most of the research on this subject. James D’Adamo 1980 book entitled, One Man’s Food is Another Man’s Poison, was based on his clinical observations that the four blood types responded differently to foods. Some foods are good for one type and not for the others. A particular food can adversely affect one blood type and not another. He also observed that there was a correlation between blood types and a predisposition for certain diseases. 

James Son, Peter D’Adamo started researching his father’s theories in 1992 to see if there was any objective scientific method of evaluating the validity of his father’s studies. Peter discovered that there were two different stomach conditions associated with blood type. One, peptic ulcer, a condition related to higher than average stomach conditions associated with blood type. One, peptic ulcer, a condition related to higher than average stomach acid levels, which is more prevalent in O blood types. Second, stomach ulcers, a condition linked to low levels of stomach acid production, this condition is more prevalent in A blood type. 


The Four blood types, relates to the human race’s adaptation to different lifestyles, diets and behaviors throughout the ages. Studying these historic habits helps us to understand the logic of the diets best suited to each blood type.

Type O (O for old) is the oldest blood type relating back to primitive times when people were hunters and gatherers. Type O is the most common blood type today. Type O has a strong immune system. Their diet, historically, consisted of mainly of animal protein, insects, berries, roots, and leaves. 

Type A (A for agrarian) originates from the time when people became more domesticated and shifted to an agrarian (agricultural, Caucasian) lifestyle. Their diet shifted toward cultivated grains and other agricultural products. This group is more resistant to infections common to densely populated areas. 

Type B (B for balance) emerged in Mongolian’s migrated north from Africa to England and Asia, where the climates were colder and harsher. This group handles dairy products best.

Type AB is the most modern blood type resulting from the intermingling of A Caucasians’s with the B Mongolian races. This is the least common of the blood types, comprising only 5% of the population. Their immune system has an enhanced ability against bacterial infection.

Peter D’Adamo, in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type, explains the actions that occur in the blood that makes each of these blood types react differently to foods. I’m going to quote almost the whole entire page 23 because he explains it so well. 

“A chemical reaction occurs between your blood and the foods you eat. This reaction is part of your genetic inheritance. It is amazing but true that today, in the 20th century, your immune and digestive system still maintain favoritism for foods that your blood type ancestors ate.

We know this because of a factor called lectins. Lectins, abundant and diverse proteins found in foods, have agglutinating properties that affect your blood. Lectins are a powerful way for organisms in nature to attach themselves to other organisms in nature. Lots of germs, and even our own immune system, use this super glue to their benefit. For example, cells in our liver’s bile ducts have lectins on their surfaces to help them snatch up bacteria and parasites. Bacteria and other microbes have lectins on their surfaces as well, which were rather like suction cups, so that they can attach to the slippery mucosal linings of the body. Often the lectins used by various bacteria can be blood type specific, making them a stickier pest for people of that blood type.

So, too, with the lectins in food. Simply put, when you eat a food containing protein lectins that are incompatible with your blood type antigen, the lectins target an organ or bodily system (kidneys, liver, brain, stomach, etc.) and begin agglutinating blood cells in that area. 


Many food lectins have characteristics that are close enough to a certain blood type antigen to make it an “enemy” to another. For example, milk has B-like qualities; if a person with type A blood drinks it, his system will immediately start agglutinating process in order to reject it. 

Once the intact lectin protein settles someplace in your body, it literally has a magnetic effect on the cells in that region. It clumps the cells together and they are targeted for destruction, as if they, too, were foreign invaders. This clump can cause irritable bowel syndrome in the intestines or cirrhosis of the liver, or block the flow of blood through the kidneys– to name just a few of the effects.”

When we examine a person’s blood on the Darkfield Microscope, agglutination of the blood cells is easy to spot. The blood cells instead of floating around separately are all joined together in a rouleaux formation. (blood cells all stuck together) Therefore if a person is not eating the correct foods for their blood type the damages can be quite easily seen on the Darkfield Microscope analysis of the blood. 

“The key is to avoid the lectins that agglutinate your particular cells — determined by blood type. For example, gluten, the most common lectins found in wheat or other grains, binds to the lining of the small intestine, causing substantial inflammation and painful irritation in some blood types — especially Type O”. 



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How Dental Problems Are Associated with FM/CFS

Dental offices can be a toxic place to work in or to be treated in.

  • There are thousands of toxic chemicals that are used in dental offices, especially mercury.
  • The quality of the water used during dental procedures is of concern. It is filtered and free of bacteria?
  • The infectious agents that the patients bring into the office are available for all to take home with them if the dental environment is not sterile.  
  • Formaldehyde is released from older models of autoclaves used to sterilize dental instruments. 


Dental Conditions of Concern

There are many conditions in the mouth that can lead to systemic infections (throughout the body). They are:

  1. Abscesses: This chronic process results from a tooth that has been damaged and eventually leads to an infection in the area directly adjacent to the affected tooth. 

The tooth starts to appear darker and it may or may not have any pain associated with it. An absence of bone appears at the tip of the root and this space becomes filled with infected tissue.

  1. Fistula: This is an acute process where there is no place for the infection to hold causing an opening for the infection to drain out. 
  2. Removal of abscessed teeth: If the infection is not completely cleared up with the tooth is removed, it will continue to grow and destroy surrounding bone.
  3. Root Canals: Infection can persist in root canal sites if they were not completely cleaned out in the original procedure. Sometimes parts of the canals can be missed and infection starts to multiply in these areas. A biological dentist (that still does root canals) will use a product called Biocalx, which ensures that all the canals are completely clear. 
  4. Cavitation: During the process of removing a tooth the periodontal ligament and the unhealthy bone must also be removed completely. If this is not done properly, then new bone formation is hampered and the healing gums grow over the partially filled hole. This leaves a hidden cavern where infection can grow and cause considerable problems below the gum line. 
  5. Mercury toxicity: The effect of mercury in amalgam fillings and its detrimental affects on the immune system are covered on page 161.
  6. Galvanism: When two or more different metals (gold and amalgams) are present in the mouth and electrical current can be generated between them. The different metals act as electrodes and react with the saliva producing an electrical current. This irritates the surrounding nervous system and produces symptoms such as: burning sensations, dizziness, dry mouth, fainting spells, headache, metallic taste in the mouth, and nausea. This problem can be evaluated using an Electrogalvanometer. 
  7. Orthodontic Appliances: These appliances can contain a variety of different metas, which also produces an electrical current in the mouth. “I can’t wait to get home and take out my appliance.” If this sounds like you, then you have an electrical conductivity problem with your appliance. Have it evaluated using the Electrogalvanometer. 
  8. Implants: Implants can be a source of titanium poisoning, which produce symptoms of: burning and itchy tongue, eczema of the adjacent face, headache, irritability, metallic taste, sensitivity to spices and certain foods, and swelling of the gums. 
  9. Periodontal disease: Parasites and or bacteria can cause infections in the gums. This infection must be treated and kept completely under control or it can spread to the above-mentioned areas. Application of Oil or Oregano to the teeth and gums will help prevent infection. 


Electro Dermal Screening (EDS): These types of conditions must be considered in the complete evaluation of the causes of FM/CFS. The method I have found to be the most effective in assessing all of these factors is the Electro Dermal Testing. With this method of testing we can determine which areas of the  mouth are affected and by which infective agents. This method of testing has proved to be very effective in many of the so-called “incurable cases” of FM/CFS that have come to the office for help. The correction of these dental problems has helped many patients that were previously not getting good results. 


Finding a Biological Dentist

Here are some of the hints on what to look for when trying to find a competent biological dentist. 

  1. They do not use mercury amalgam fillings.
  2. They are experienced with the latest techniques for the proper and safe removal of amalgam fillings.
  3. They incorporate the use of rubber dams when removing amalgams.
  4. They use a newer model of autoclave that does not produce formaldehyde. 
  5. They have the testing facilities to determine which types of filling material are compatible with each individual. 
  6. They are well versed in the methods of detoxification for mercury and the various infectious agents found in the mouth.

Do they use the IAOMT protocol? (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)


Do not hesitate to ask all of the above questions prior to making an appointment. Many dentists will say they can remove your mercury fillings, but they will dry and blast the mercury all over the place, further elevating the levels of mercury in your body. It must be done properly and with great care not to add to your contamination.



Dawn Ewing, Let the Tooth Be Known, Houston Texas: Holistic Health Alternatives, 1998. Website www.flash.net/~drdawn

Check out the following website to find a biological dentist in your area.

www.bioprobe.com These dentists are associated with IAOMT.