Nothing happens without enzymes. Enzymes offer support for all treatment protocols. Enzymes initiate all cellular activity including the brain. Poor digestion can result from enzyme deficiency, which adversely affects all systems because the brain and body are not provided with the nutrients necessary to function properly. The intestines become weak and allow toxins to leak into the bloodstream; then the immune system has to work overtime to eliminate these toxins. When the body is already burdened with multiple infections and toxins, an enzyme deficiency further complicates the situation.

Enzymes are specialized proteins vital to every chemical reaction in the body. Enzymes are necessary for proper and complete digestion as well as playing a major role in metabolism (the production of energy). Enzymes also help the body eliminate toxins, viruses, bacteria and yeast.

Each food type has a specific enzyme responsible for its digestion. The enzymes necessary for digestion are present in the food in its raw state. If the food has been cooked or processed at temperatures in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit the naturally occurring enzymes are destroyed and the pancreas must secrete the enzymes in order to digest the food.

If chronic disease is present, then eat plenty of raw foods and supplement with digestive enzymes, with and between meals. This will help you to preserve your internal enzyme reserve and slow down the aging process. Do not eat canned, fried, pasteurized, or microwaved foods. Since enzymes are responsible for the amount of energy (metabolism) available from the food we eat, it makes sense that if you want more energy; you need to replenish your enzyme reserves. Take extra enzymes when eating cooked food. To promote better health, also take the appropriate enzymes between meals. A lack of enzymes can make a person more susceptible to disease and infection; therefore enzymes are a beneficial addition to any treatment protocol.

Stimulants such as coffee, sugar, excess protein, alcohol and other drugs temporarily increase the metabolism, but enzyme reserves get used up in the process. The momentary increase in energy is followed by a corresponding lower energy level because of the utilization of the stored enzymes. Continual use of stimulants greatly accelerates the disease and aging processes, because it depletes enzyme reserves.

Enzymes and the ability to eliminate toxins

There is a direct relationship between enzyme content and the ability of the immune system to eliminate toxins. Enzymes act as “pack-men” in the body, roaming around chewing up toxins. They attack foreign toxins, destroy them and spit them out in a form that the body can eliminate. This is why it’s important that whenever patients are doing cleansing programs, I recommend adding enzyme supplements to the cleansing protocol to help the body eliminate the toxins.

Some of the patients that come to our office have very little will power. They give up at the first uncomfortable sign of the cleansing process “healing crisis.” These patients benefit tremendously from using enzyme supplementation to decrease the uncomfortable signs of cleansing.

Enzymes and Brain Function

The relationship between how the brain functions and what a person eats is vitally important. In consultation with children who have learning disabilities, it is observed that too much cooked food (fast food and processed foods) is consumed. Therefore, their bodies are not being provided with any enzymes. These children consequently are malnourished, toxic and their enzyme reserves are depleting. This severely hampers the ability of the immune system to function and impairs the ability of the central nervous system to transmit nerve impulses.

The lack of enzymes causes: fatigue, compromises the immune system, interferes with the nervous system, and decreases the body’s ability to digest food. Adding enzymes to the diet will help you restore health, improve brain function, prevent disease and increase energy levels.

Additional Uses of Enzymes

  • To recover form colds and flu more quickly, add enzymes with and between meals. Open the capsule and let the powder dissolve in your mouth.
  • Vitamins are called co-enzymes because they must be combined with enzymes before they can be utilized.
  • The more enzymes you ingest, either by way of raw food or supplements, the more energy you’ll have.
  • Adding enzymes also decreases stress on the digestive and elimination systems.

Our enzyme reserve is more important than having a financial reserve. Without enzymes nothing functions and death results. Having a large savings account does not help much at that point. Doing all you can to maintain and replenish enzyme reserves is vital to one’s brain function, health and longevity. Even healthy athletes need to replenish their enzyme pools or their ability to recover is interfered with and consequently their careers are short lived. Look at the faces of the players in the Stanley Cup finals, notice their exhausted, gaunt, sunken appearances. This is because they are using up their enzymes faster than they are being replaced.