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Chiropractic is amazing! It’s the balancing of movement within your skeletal system.  Most of us sit in front of the computer or have busy schedules that limit exercise and activities that normally keep our spine mobile. Chiropractic restores movement lost in the stiffness that creeps into our spines due to our abusive schedules.  The results are immediately felt while keeping the treatment cost low.

A skilled chiropractor can find joints that are restricted with scar tissue, degenerated with extra bone growth, or too loose with sloppy gliding joints creating raw soreness and muscle spamming.  Using chiropractic treatments to loosen scar tissues and to support the sloppy raw tissues, the restoration of your normal range of motion is possible.  It’a amazing how we can easily strengthen the foundation of your body and your life by balancing and stabilizing your skeletal system, especially your spine.

The brain talks to the body through the spinal column and nerves, which travel between joints in tunnels branching off to all our body parts. The nerves branch off the spinal column and continue branching off to meet into all our tissues coordinating all of our body functions. Most of our nerves (95%) are function nerves, which tell organs how to respond. The minority of our nerves, (5%), are for sensation and pain. When patients report their pain, they are only aware of 5% that’s going on.

All our patient’s leave with our doctor’s finding the other 95% of function changes from their spinal misalignment. With a review of systems, a though history and correction of the foundation around the brain and spinal cord chiropractic helps bring more communication from your brain to the rest of your body increasing healing speed and potential. Chiropractic increases circulation, healing time, range of motion, balance, posture corrections, helps immune system sleep, most of all relaxes the muscle system, when the spine is balanced nerves can get to all the body parts, muscles don’t have to fight sticky joints or protect loose joints and blood flow (nutrition) and nerve flow (instructions) can get to the entire body.

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