Understanding Your Body, Unlocking Your Health

We believe in precision medicine tailored to you. Too many providers rely soley just on their experience and knowledge  (usually outdated) to diagnose whats wrong with you. We not only keep up with continuing ed everywhere to expand our expertise but do testing so we find the facts about  your condition and symptoms. You can then expect us to have a thorough treatment plan for you to fix it!

Do You Recognize These Symptoms?

  • Do you drink a lot? Check your liver function with our tests.
  • Digestive discomfort? Our GI Map can reveal underlying issues.
  • Fatigue or stress? Cortisol testing for adrenal health.
  • Food-related reactions? Discover triggers with food sensitivity panels.

Ready for a Health Transformation?

  • Personalized Care: Personalized health solutions just for you.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: State-of-the-art tests for comprehensive insights.
  • Empowerment: Take control of your health today!

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Mosaic Dx

  • Tests Offered: Glyphosate, Organic Acid Test (OAT), MycoTox, Cortisol Testing
  • Why It Matters: Uncover the underlying metabolic, nutritional, and toxic drivers of chronic diseases with MosaicDX’s comprehensive testing solutions.
    Good for: Individuals experiencing chronic health issues, nutritional deficiencies, or exposure to environmental toxins.
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Diagnostic Solutions – GI Map

  • Test Focus: Most Comprehensive stool analysis
  • Importance: Pinpoint gastrointestinal issues and gut health.
  • Good for: Those with digestive problems, irregular bowel patterns, or gut discomfort.
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Cyrex Labs

  • Tests Available: Food Sensitivity Panel, Pathogen Identification, Chemical Immune Reactivity, SIBO, Blood Brain Barrier Integrity, and more.
  • Key Benefit: Uncover hidden food sensitivities and immune responses.
  • Good for: Anyone suffering from allergies, autoimmune disorders, or unexplained symptoms like fatigue and headaches.
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Vibrant Wellness

  • Specialization: Hormone Panel, Micronutrient Evaluation
  • Advantage: Balance your hormones, ensure optimal nutrient levels.
  • Good for: People looking to optimize hormone balance, athletes, or those with nutritional concerns.
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Vibrant America

  • Specialization: Cardiovascular Health, Celiac Disease, Connective Tissue Disorder, Food Allergen, Inhalant Allergen, Micronutrients, Women’s Health
  • Advantage: Offers a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and managing specific health concerns, especially for those with chronic conditions or heightened health risks.
  • Good for: People concerned about heart health, those suspecting gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, individuals with symptoms of connective tissue disorders, anyone with suspected food or environmental allergies, women seeking specialized health insights.
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  • Test Description: Blood Typing for ABO and Rh Blood Groups
  • Benefit: Essential for safe transfusions and pregnancy planning.
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  • Offerings: Comprehensive range of laboratory tests.
  • Why Choose LabCorp: Trusted, thorough, and diverse testing options.
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