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The Essential Oil Experience

Essential oils are known to support many systems in the body including: respiratory, digestive, hormonal, and stress relief. Please ask a provider which oil could benefit you!


This process has been used throughout history for internal disease and structural problems. Enhanced circulation and pain relief (by reducing muscle restriction and increasing range of motion) are some of the many possible ways this technique could benefit you.

Hot Stone Massage

This massaging method will target your stress head-on–melting away tension and easing away stiffness while increasing circulation. It also helps you sleep like a boss since it soothes away the anxiety while feeling amazing!

Ashiatsu (Deeper than Deep Tissue!)

(Coming Soon!)

A deep and painless form of barefoot massage loved by many! This technique frees up bundled nerves, elongates muscles, and detoxifies the muscles helping to improve posture and relieve pain!