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Dr. Cara Olsen, DC, CEO
Dr. Cara Olsen, DC, CEOCranial and Advanced Injury Specialist
Dr. Cara began her medical journey when she was seven years old in her chiropractor’s office. She decided that day to become a chiropractor after her father carried her mother in the office, laid her on the treatment table, and watched her mother walk out a few minutes later smiling. She decided she wanted to help people, just like that.
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Dr. Michael Nguyen, DC
Dr. Michael Nguyen, DCRehabilitation Specialist
Dr. Michael is an Oregon native. Outside of the office, he spends his time weight training, playing basketball, exploring the northwest, and fly fishing. He was inspired to pursue a career in Chiropractic after personally experiencing the benefit chiropractic care had for him. As a young adult, he was involved in a motor vehicle collision that resulted in debilitating low back pain making simple daily tasks extremely difficult. With chiropractic treatments he was able to return to his simple daily activities like putting on his shoes, sitting through class lectures, and playing sports.
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Dr. Elliot Quinn, DC
Dr. Elliot Quinn, DCExtremities Specialist
Dr. Quinn grew up in Camas, WA and attended the University Of Western States in Portland, OR where he received his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic and returned to Vancouver, WA to practice. With a strong intuitive understanding of the body and a love of doing hands on work, Dr. Quinn knew he wanted to help people and impact their lives directly.
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Dr. Francisco Solé, DC
Dr. Francisco Solé, DCScoliosis Specialist
As our newest doctor and scoliosis specialist, Dr. Solé has been in practice for years treating scoliosis. He became a chiropractor helping his wife and daughter who unfortunately have the genetic form of scoliosis. After moving from Miami to the great northwest, he is excited to help scoliosis patients. Using the dynamic principles of Wolff’s law, he is remodeling a straighter spine that helps our scoliosis patients with superior adjusting, neuro rehabilitation, cold laser and nutritional protocols.
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Massage Therapists

Marissa Solis
Marissa SolisDeep Tissue Sports and Healing
Marissa is our deep tissue and nutritional specialist. If you ever wanted to learn what to eat to be stronger and more flexible, she is your girl! Marissa has been our full time department manager and continuing ed lecturer all while providing the best deep tissue on our long term clients. She is well known in the office for taking the most continuing ed classes. Marissa will leave you excited about your next level of flexibility and strength. Book now for package deals as 1 massage will never be enough!
Ed Borromeo
Ed BorromeoDeep Relaxation & Herbal Stress Release
Ed is extremely caring with a great sense of humor. Being reiki certified with a history of being multi talented in many fields–he is our cupping and essential oils specialist. With his many versatile and skilled techniques, you’ll be sure to get the “custom” massage that is perfect for you. He is well known in the office for working long hours and staying late for those who book late or have an emergency. He is our record holder for most massages and compliments in a day!
Kip Wilson
Kip WilsonMyofascial Release
Kip is our myofascial release specialist. He will melt even the most stubborn of muscle tensions especially if you have not had results elsewhere. He is our newest addition and his schedule is filling up fast! He has many years of experience working in medical massage with chiropractors and is known for family care. He is great at working on whiplash, injury care, and kids in sports with lots of leg tension. The best part of myofascial massage is the deep tissue work without the discomfort.

Office Team

Necole Walloch
Necole WallochChief Legal Officer
Necole is a key individual in the growth and time management of the office since 2009. Being the Office Scheduling Manager, she has been making sure the days run as smoothly as possible. She does the impossible, making sure a 125 patients per day are scheduled with less than a 20 min wait on average and as early as 10-15 early. Not many offices can say they run early unless they are empty practices. Necole makes sure office is Hipaa compliant, OIG conscious, and ensures patient private practices are mastered and respected by the team. Yearly audits prove us to be compliant with respect and love thanks to this amazing team leader! Necole holds the records for most patients seen in a day and being on time with the most complaints.
Traci Corral
Traci CorralChief Financial Officer
With over 20 years of combined experience in medical and chiropractic office management, insurance, taxes, and finance–Traci’s financial leadership plays a major role to the structure of the business so the providers can focus on the structure of our patients! Outside of work Traci can be found reading, taking in the arts, and fishing the Columbia with her family. Fish on!
Julie Harmon
Julie HarmonChief Operating Officer
Julie brings more than 35 years of experience in healthcare and practice management from various multidisciplinary medical practices and the United States Air Force. Her high energy leadership style and passion for exceptional patient care advance the culture of the clinic as it serves its patients around the world. As a NW native, she was first exposed to the healthcare industry at the age of sixteen when she worked as a Nursing Assistant at a Skilled Nursing Facility. She was incredibility inspired by patients who were in need of quality care and encouragement. “Our patients are looking for custom care that fits their lifestyle, fitness, and medical needs – and they want to be empowered to take control of their own health care. Our responsibility, and promise, is to be a resource for them during their wellness journey”
Oscar is our technology specialist that keeps the office together creating communication between the new patients, doctors, and employees. He makes it so we can educate and align dysfunction by creating healthy communication between our office, personal computers, website, and streamlining our ability to work efficiently as a business and meet patients needs!
JenelleAccountability Officer
Wisconsin native Jenelle Mrozinski is part of our team of billing masters! Jenelle brings 17 years medical billing experience to the clinic. Patients can always count on her to answer billing questions and find solutions! Jenelle and her husband Jason are also movie buffs, comic con fanatics, and total cheese heads! “Go Packers!”
SarahCommunity Outreach Assistant
Sarah gets the heart and soul of what we do out into the community allowing us to build connections with incredible people and businesses! Since she was 13, her professional skillset has been growing. From volunteering in the local community, taking trips abroad, office jobs, and customer services positions, she as learned new aspects of how to better serve and love people. Sarah loves using her creativity in her job, and being able to think outside the box to get things done! Outside of work, she loves spending time with her husband, step-daughter, and her extended family; along with planning for her family’s next addition this September! She also takes great joy in cooking, painting, writing, or anything else that’s creative and messy. On a day when there’s not too many errands to run or important things to do, exploring a new dining experiences is always a considered a fun option.
KellyChiropractic Assistant / Customer Service Representative
Kelly is our lead chiropractic assistant. In the last four years she has held many positions in the office and is now our new customer service representative because of her outstanding care for patients. She loves to hear your thoughts on how we can improve on our imperfections, especially if you are disappointed on an unmet expectation.
DestinyChiropractic Assistant
DennisBilling Specialist
NikitaBilling Specialist
Nikita is one of our billing specialists! She got into billing while helping her grandmother sort through her medical bills and noticed how many errors occurred. She decided to become a medical biller to help patients understand their Insurance and help aid them in making their medical bills easier to manage! She loves helping our patients receive the care they deserve in fair exchange!