Anissa Loseman

Anissa Loseman

Holistic Nutritionist

Anissa came into the functional medicine realm when trying to find solutions for her own family. She quickly found out how vital eating habits and lifestyle are for so many functions in the human body. Now, as a holistic nutritionist, Anissa creates individualized nutrition plans, works collectively with Dr. Cara and Dr. Haley using tests and advises clients about healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes that are attainable and sustainable.

When not working Anissa likes to spend time with her husband and three children making meals together, playing volleyball and exploring new places, and boating & gardening in the summer. She also plans to create a program with children in mind, to bring more involvement with our food on all levels to the future generations.

Anissa specializes in Individualized whole food nutrition using food as medicine. She acquired her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2021. Her focus aims at farm to table and food as medicine leading to a more functional approach to treating disease states. She holds multiple degrees including 3 Associates to Transfer (AA-T) and a licensed behavioral analysis in the state of Oregon.


ASN & NANP Professional Member
BCHN Candidate
First Aid/CPR Adult & Infant certified
Licensed Behavioral Analysis in OR.
Associates in Behavioral Science
Associates in Child Development
Associates in Natural Science