Dr. Elliot Quinn (Chiropractor)

Dr. Elliot Quinn (Chiropractor)


Dr. Quinn got into chiropractic after suffering a severe back injury that fractured his spine while playing soccer. A family member who had a positive experience with chiropractic had referred him and he was stunned by the results. After a short amount of time, he was not only feeling better–but outperforming his previous abilities. He realized that the body had an unbelievable ability to heal and overcome stresses and he wanted to be able to do this exact thing for others. That’s when he realized the tremendous impact of receiving chiropractic adjustments and how so many of the illnesses and lifelong ailments people have can be addressed by healthy movement. He was truly inspired to do the same for others and loves to empower others to do more of what they love.

Dr. Quinn’s philosophy is guided by the understanding of how important each aspect of the body is and by treating and managing the physical, mental, and emotional stresses that are unique to each of us. When this is achieved, the body is able to function optimally. By looking at the deeper underlying causes, he can recognize and implement the most effective and efficient approach to provide each individual with their own personalized treatment.

Dr. Quinn specializes in both youth and adult sports performance, upper and lower extremity adjusting, and advanced neurologic / musculoskeletal rehabilitation strategies.

  • Foot Levelers Gait Analysis