How well do you think you are handling stress? This assessment will help you and your health care professional design a personalized program to support your stress response and well-being.

Select the appropriate choice for each question based on your experience within the LAST MONTH.

1 Not at all

2 Little bit

3 Somewhat

4 Quite a bit

5 Very Much


Low Stress (20-40):

Stress is fairly well managed in your life. It may be important to support your body to continue its healthy response.

Medium Stress (41-79):

Your body's response to stress may be getting in the way of normal activities quite frequently, leaving you feeling depleted. Consult your health care professional for an individualized program to achieve your health goals.

High Stress: (80-100)

You may have experienced prolonged stress, and your body's stress response can no longer adapt or successfully cope. Consult your health care professional for targeted support and strategies for improvement.