Dr. Haley Surface (Chiropractor)

Dr. Haley Surface (Chiropractor)


Dr. Haley Surface, D.C, M.S HNFM is both a human and an animal chiropractor. She has always had a love for animals and grew up around 14-20 Saint Bernards at her Grandma’s Kennel. Where they were bred, shown and loved. You will catch those same puppies in the movie, Beethoven 2. On top of that her dad worked in the animal industry for over 30 years and she has always loved being around them.

Her love of animals encouraged her to expand her education to learn how to become the chiropractor for animals and she went to ACES animal chiropractic school where she did 240 hours of extra studying and applications.She is currently sitting for her board exam for her certification through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), the primary national credential for this field in North America. Dr. Haley is a multifaceted practitioner and practices functional medicine and brings these same concepts into caring for all of her patients.

Dr. Haley practices functional medicine, an approach focused on treating the root causes of health conditions rather than just the symptoms. This path to wellness, integrates whole food nutrition, precise supplementation, chiropractic adjustments, functional testing, and regular exercise to nurture peak health.

She employs a variety of techniques, including diversified, drop table, and motion palpation adjustments, customizing her approach to each patient’s unique needs.

With a specialization in animal chiropractic, Dr. Haley’s practice extends to treating dogs and horses. She is dedicated to enhancing overall wellness, helping her animal patients maintain mobility, so they can enjoy more quality time with their owners and their activities!

Her qualifications include certification through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), where she completed 240 hours of specialized training in chiropractic care for animals. Dr. Haley’s goal is to ensure that animals stay active and healthy, enabling them to live life to the fullest alongside their human companions.

Manipulative Therapies:

  • Motion palpation diagnosis and adjusting
  • Functional Medicine intake and treatment plans
  • Evaluating and treating animal patients
  • Croft style clinical documentation for Motor vehicle accidents.
  • PIR mobilization of spine and extremities
  • Cold laser protocols
  • Leander, cox and drop table
  • Cranial sacral adjusting, SOT
  • Correcting Primary vs. secondary restrictions
  • Diversified adjusting spine and extremities
  • Mackenzie protocols

Soft Tissue Therapies:

  • Trigger point/nimmo therapies
  • Active release muscle therapy
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Cross fiber friction
  • Therapeutic exercises and rehabilitation

Xray Education

  • Positioning, interpretation, and maintenance report writing
  • Evaluation of MVA/whiplash injuries

Continuing Education

  • Tulip Lumbar and Cervical Adjusting Seminar ‘June 2019
  • Motion Palpation Institution
    • MPISpine January 2022
    • Full spine and Extremity Seminar May 2018
    • MPI Lower Extremity Seminar 2019
    • MPI Upper Extremity Seminar 2019
  • Dr. Ken Stilwell Adjusting Seminar Full spine and extremities Tacoma 2019 & 2023 Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy April 2019
  • NUNM Food as Medicine Symposium 2019 Kharrazian Institute Clinical Mastership Present
  • Demartini Institute Breakthrough Experience attended 10+ times, Vancouver, WA 2020-2023
  • Demartini Institute Prophecy 1, Hawaii 2021
  • Erchonia Cold Laser therapy: Super Highway to Health, advanced December 2021 ‘Washington Personal Injury Summit March 2022
  • Thomas Kaddy Sales Course, 3x 2021.
  • 2022 Neurotransmitters: connecting brain, body and meridians
  • 2021 Neuroendocrine apex energetics
  • 2021 Diagnostic imaging online
  • Parker 2021 Pediatric exam online