Are you looking for a way to speed up healing from a recent injury or as a post-surgery option for a recent medical procedure? Do you want to find a way to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation in your body without concern of side-effects or down-time from the activities that you enjoy the most? Are you tired of taking medication for your sprains or arthritis and want to find a treatment option that is more holistic in its approach?

If so, you’ll be pleased to read about the amazing pricing specials on cold laser therapy as an added treatment that you can take advantage of from your trusted team at Just For The Health Of It.

Understanding Cold Laser Treatment Near You

Cold laser therapy is a low-intensity laser treatment that stimulates healing while using low levels of lights. It works when different wavelengths of low-level light are applied directly to a targeted area of your body. This focused approach causes a reaction in the tissues when the light is absorbed, signaling cells to begin regeneration and healing.

Because tissue inflammation follows trauma (such as an injury, arthritis, or a medical procedure), the benefits of cold laser therapy make it a great choice as a post-procedure option to reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery. An additional benefit is that it helps boost the immune system as an added measure of protection during chronic issues and more.

Book an Appointment Today for Special Pricing

When you book an appointment today at Just For The Health Of It, you can take advantage of the following pricing for cold laser treatment:

  • $40 for a single visit
  • $20 when added to an adjustment
  • $299 for a series of 12 treatments

If you haven’t experienced the benefits of cold laser treatment near you before, now would be a great time to experience what so many others have already benefited from. You can easily make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool to get started.

*Offer cannot be used with insurance or other discounts and cannot be combined with other offers.