• Discover heavy metal poisoning and other toxins
  • Deficiencies in minerals
  • Having too much of a mineral
  • Hidden health problems

What is a mineral hair test?

The mineral hair test is an essential test that shows the deficiencies of what your body is missing that may be causing many symptoms drugs cannot replace.

Why take a mineral hair test?

Vitamins taken over the counter is the economic approach to health. Everyone’s body is different and has different needs. An athlete will need more than a non-athlete. It is silly to think there is a 1 size fits all pill.

Taking too much of a supplement can cause vitamin and mineral poisoning, excess symptoms which drugs cannot fix. The mineral test will also show if you have any heavy metal exposure. If you have used a thermometer, got cavities filled, had dental work, or lived in an old house, chances are you are full of toxins–the question is, how many?

Other benefits include major hints to how the liver and adrenal glands are doing.

Hair vs. Blood test

Most blood work comes back normal because the body will rob Peter to pay Paul. The blood transports essential nutrients to other priority spots in the body, making blood work deceivingly better than how things actually are.

How does it work?

1. Cut a sample of your hair (500mg or 1 TBSP of hair (From the root!)
2. Place it into a clean plastic zip lock bag.
3. Send it to our trusted labs.
4. Results will take about 2-3 weeks.
5. Come in to the office OR have an online video consultation the Doctor to review findings and discuss treatment options.