A solution, not a patch.

One of the ways you can tell if you have a good doctor is how well of a detective they are at figuring out your core issue–and it’s not easy. Watch How to pick a good chiropractor for more information. The biggest difference between other chiropractic clinics and us is that you can count on our Chiropractic Specialists to properly find the underlying cause, give you a plan detailing the course of your treatment, and what it will take to get better. That’s what you came for, right? To fix the underlying problem instead of masking it with pills? If not, you’re at the wrong place. But if you did, then we have the specialists who will truly deliver.


We never shove people into the same outfits

Do you want to know why we have a 95% success rate? Its because you will never get a cookie-cutter treatment from us. If you’ve been to other chiropractors and it didn’t work, it’s highly possible they treated you by the book instead of who you are. Not all chiropractic is equal. In fact, more than most medical fields, chiropractic is highly based on skill and accurate diagnosis, which depends on the knowledge of the doctor–if they are able to find the underlying causes, and then adjusting the right parts with skill. Adjusting the wrong part or having bad technique can be just as bad as not treating or even worse. Every human is unique and needs to be treated as such. That’s why we will take whatever time necessary to find out the true cause of your symptoms by taking into account your complete medical history and performing a detailed full body examination with advanced palpation and imaging when necessary.

We Care

We really do. We can advertise all we want and sound like everyone else, but the only way you will truly know is if you come in to experience Just For The Health Of It.

We offer plans suitable for all types of patients.

Come when you want, and choose your visits. We will honestly tell you what results you can expect from your level of commitment, so you don’t have unrealistic expectations or set yourself up for failure. The healing process is not a one-sided relationship. It’s not all on the doctor or all on you; it’s both. How long you come in will depend on how well you follow the treatment. Our goal is to reach 3.5 billion people. Milking the same patients over and over won’t help us reach our goal. We want the whole world to experience a real adjustment, and that starts with getting you feeling better and truly experiencing the real healing effects of chiropractic.

We Are The Best In The NW

And we say that with confidence because there have been few we haven’t been able to treat and of those–we found people who CAN help them. You WILL make progress here, in one form or another. Our standard is MEDICAL EXCELLENCE. We are the chiro olympics; only the best-advanced care is offered here.